Modular Staging

Our modular staging is light weight and portable, but amongst the strongest on the market. This means we are able to offer a quality product, whilst maintaining an efficient service for all size requirements.

Our staging system are versatile, so we can create single level, multilevel and tiered layouts as well as using casters to create a rolling riser. We also provide screw jacks for levelling, steps, rails, ramps, skirts and carpet if required.

Our modular staging offers:

  • Variety – We can provide staging of all sizes and shapes to achieve your event’s needs.
  • Flexibility – Staging is multifunctional and compatible with all our accessories including our round stage.
  • Quality – Strong and sturdy with a high load compacity of 750kg m2.

Because of the flexible nature of modular staging we can cater for events of all sizes including conferences and corporate event, parties, festivals, catwalks, festive and seasonal events, theatre productions, choirs, village and sporting events.

Modular Stage